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Making paper bags

Sacs en papier fruits et légumes passe partout

Making custom paper bags

TAPIERO is not limited to standard ranges of “off-the-shelf” paper bags, but designs products specially to meet our customers’ specifications.

Great attention is paid to the sourcing of the different qualities of paper needed to produce bags to numerous specifications. TAPIERO keeps a substantial inventory of paper ready to meet special demands.

As soon as a prototype bag is made and approved, the production process can start immediately, as the lines for mass manufacture are prepared well in advance.

From paper in reels to bags ready for use

The paper to manufacture bags is stored in our facility, which is ample enough to take in sufficient number the huge reels that feed into the mass production lines.

TAPIERO technicians then regulate speed, pressure and other parameters for volume production of paper bags to meet your exact specifications.

Bobines de matière pour réaliser des sacs en papier
  • Single or multi-reel feed, depending on the number of paper layers in your bag
  • Mandrel revolutions per minute
  • Paper tension feeding through the rollers
  • Paper folding
  • Paper bonding
  • Paper printing
  • Paper cutting
  • Finished products packed into batches
  • Batches transferred and palettized ready for bulk shipment
Sacs en papier fruits et légumes passe partout

Rapid response to customers’ needs

  • Logistics :
    • TAPIERO has ample logistics facilities at its disposal, in which to manage the inventory needed to fulfil your purchase order. Forward planning ensures we always have the paper on hand to meet your needs. If customer facilities are short of storage space, they can assign TAPIERO the responsibility of managing their paper bag and packaging inventory for them, thereby ensuring products ordered are ready in quantity at all times.
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