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Sac papier kraft personnalisé

Visual designs for special projects

Paper bags are ideal media on which to display your company’s logo or special message. Printing on bags has a three-fold value:

  • Telling consumers what’s in the bag
  • Highlighting your logo or brand name for all to see
  • Turning an everyday bag into a high-profile communication media

L'impression TAPIERO

Tapiero on request customized your bag with high quality printing in up to 4 colours. The printed visible surface may be fully covered, or selected parts only covered with exciting and attractive visuals of your choice.

We use flexography, a process similar to standard printing, which lays on colours and designs in relief. We prefer this process for its competitive costing and for its environmental friendliness, which is an important consideration for the biodegradability of paper bags.

We use only water-based inks that are solvent free and have clearance for contact with food.

Exciting bright printed designs differentiate your packaging and attract attention to your bagged products!

Machine d'impression personnalisée des sacs en papier
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