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Baking and pastry-making

Sac en papier de regroupement

Tapiero makes the full range of bags for batch delivery of fresh-baked, unwrapped bread

Paper bags are the baker’s must-have for delivery of stick or round loaves to the point of purchase in the retail outlet, restaurant or other point of contact with consumers. Bags are purpose-designed to suit each type of product, from the typical baguette long thin loaf or delicate pastries requiring tissue paper protection … Tapiero’s extensive range of bags meet all a master bakers’ needs.

Paper comes in different grades and qualities, neutral or customised, and in variable quantities. In whatever way your bakery products are dispatched to their point of sale, and however they are sold to the consumer, there’s a Tapiero paper bag fit for purpose.

Looking for an elegantly designed paper bag to slip the baguette into, so that consumers publicise your wares? Our bags can be customised by printing whatever message you wish—with or without transparent panels to show off bag content! Selling take-away pancakes? Hand them to your customers in greaseproof kraft paper designed for fuss-free opening on both sides.

Bread delivery bags

Tapiero has developed a special range of bags for the delivery of fresh, unwrapped bread in large batches.
Bags are easy to open by folding out the side gussets


  • Extensive range of standard sizes
    • Width from 250 to 390 mm
    • Height from 600 to 800 mm
  • Custom-designed dimensions a possibility
  • Printing in up to 4 couleurs
  • Paper bags for small bread loaves
  • Bleached white kraft paper bags for baguettes.
Sac en papier de regroupement pour le pain petit format
Sac kraft blanchi pour baguette

Baguette bag

For baguettes or loaves sold over the counter singly, Tapiero has a standard range of bags 350 and 500 millimetres long. Bags are customizable with designs and text of your choice. And if you want a bag made of a particular size or design to meet requirements, we are the ones to make it for you.


  • 2 side gussets to ease bag opening and product introduction
  • Variable design with or without see-through cellophane window
  • Printing in up to 4 colours
  • Customised designs for bulk orders above 10,000 bags

Bags for cakes, buns, tarts and pastries

Our light paper bags are ideal for selling croissants, pains au chocolat and other pastries over the counter. Width ranges from 120 to 230 millimetres and height from 140 to 350 millimetres. We have bags the size to suit whatever you want to sell!


  •  Special packaging for pastries, tarts and cakes
  • General non-specific purpose bags
  • Printing on line in up to 4 colours
Sac en papier kraft pour les boulangeries
Mousseline en kraft pour baguettes

Tissue paper

Looking for a practical and low-cost alternative to the traditional bag for bread loaves or baguettes? Tissue paper is your answer. It comes in widths of between 200 and 400 millimetres ready to wrap loaves when sold over the counter. Lengths are between 300 to 600 millimetres. Tissue paper can be customised to take your printed logo and other advertising messages.


  • Ideal to wrap up bread loaves or baguettes
  • Three colour precision overlay printing
  • Customized designs for orders in excess of 100 kg
3+1 baguette de pain


  • 2 side gussets to ease bag opening and product introduction.
  • Varied designs including see-through cellophane windows.
  • Printing on line in up to 4 colours.
  • Customisation available from 10,000 units upward
  • Tissue paper bags
Sac en papier mousseline


  • Low cost wrapping of bread sold over the counter
  • 3 colour precision overlay printing
  • Customized designs for orders in excess of 100 kg


  • Bags ideal for cakes, tarts and Viennese pastries
  • Bags printed with standard or generic decor
  • On-line printing in up to 4 colours.
  • Pancakes, aka crêpes


  • Greaseproof kraft available.
  • Opening both sides.
  • Practical design: easy eating without burning fingers

TAPIERO product range for bakery products and pastries

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