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Team of experts to give body to your design concepts

Tapiero paper bag design begins with the rigorous analysis of their intended purposes. Possible solutions are assessed before carefully weighed options dictate decisions on the characteristics of the paper itself, made-up format in 3 dimensions, its strength over time and fitness for purpose. Thus we deliver you a product fully customised to your needs—with absolute respect for your deadlines and cost constraints.

The challenges met by our design and consultancy department are constantly expanding wherever there is a need for:

  • Paper bags, standard or special
  • Tubular packaging to contain bulk product tops or covers
  • Paper-based product protection to meet specific needs

From materials selection to logistics

Selection of the best materials for your paper bags

The paper selected must have the characteristics suited to the product to be packaged. It must withstand the conditions of product handling and storage over time.

With the assistance of our specialists, we then quantify the number sheets of paper meeting your detailed requirements, including among others, grammage, strength, elasticity, lack of permeability and grease-proof quality.

Materials selected are those best suited to your bag and its characteristics

Matières utilisées par le bureau d'étude pour la création de vos sacs en papier
Mousseline baguette

Definition of format and design

Our designers and consultants advise and support you in the conception of the paper bag most suited to projected needs. Solutions are purpose-designed whenever our extensive range of “off-the-shelf” products does not meet your requirements.

Once paper grade and format are known, our illustrators will if called upon creatively design motifs and printed decor to illustrate the qualities of your packaged goods. Your emblazoned logo— accompanied as necessary by tailor-made designs on printed paper packaging—are a powerful means to promoting your bagged products.

Environmentally sensitive processes from initial bag design to its delivery to the point of use

Compliance to our environmental obligations is a fundamental TAPIERO design concern. From initial selection of natural raw materials onward, the whole chain of paper bag manufacture, from printing, folding, conditioning and shipment to point of use, is closely supervised to minimise environmental footprint, out of a concern to keep waste and costs down to a minimum.
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