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Tapiero history

Présentation de la minoterie

Maker of customised paper bags since 1904.

In France, the Limousin region is historically home to paper-making

For centuries, wood pulp transformation into paper was a speciality of the Limousin region. In times past, the by-product of growing rye to make brown bread was rye straw, the staple raw material in what was then made into a highly sought-after, high quality paper.
The Vienne river valley is the principal geographical feature of the area around Limoges and played an important role in the local economy, which at the time produced fully 20% of the market demand for paper in France.

This was because of the extensive forests in a region well-supplied with rainfall, which meant that in more recent history, hydropower was developed to generate the electricity to run modern industrial paper mills. In 1880, the Haute-Vienne Department (number 87 by alphabetical order) boasted 559 paper-mills and associated industrial plant.



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Year in, year out, we deliver Tapiero paper products to 1,200 customers.

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