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Sacs en papier fruits et légumes passe partout

Making custom paper bags

TAPIERO is not limited to standard ranges of “off-the-shelf” paper bags, but designs products specially to meet our customers’ specifications.

Great attention is paid to the sourcing of the different qualities of paper needed to produce bags to numerous specifications. TAPIERO keeps a substantial inventory of paper ready to meet special demands.

As soon as a prototype bag is made and approved, the production process can start immediately, as the lines for mass manufacture are prepared well in advance.

From paper in reels to bags ready for use

The paper to manufacture bags is stored in our facility, which is ample enough to take in sufficient number the huge reels that feed into the mass production lines.

TAPIERO technicians then regulate speed, pressure and other parameters for volume production of paper bags to meet your exact specifications.

Bobines de matière pour réaliser des sacs en papier
  • Single or multi-reel feed, depending on the number of paper layers in your bag
  • Mandrel revolutions per minute
  • Paper tension feeding through the rollers
  • Paper folding
  • Paper bonding
  • Paper printing
  • Paper cutting
  • Finished products packed into batches
  • Batches transferred and palettized ready for bulk shipment

Paper bag and packaging formats can be purpose-designed to meet your special needs.

Shaping bags will be distinctively different according to the purpose and appearance of the bags required. Successive and automated stages of paper cutting, folding and gluing turns the input from the reel into a packaging product specially designed to meet your needs.

TAPIERO manufactures an extensive range of paper bags and packaging paper:

Sac plat

Flat bags

Bags without side gussets, paper folded and glued at the edges similar to flat mailing envelopes

Sac en papier 2 soufflets

Double side-gusset bags

Double side-gusset bags with rectangular block base for ease of introduction of goods into the open bag

Sac 3 soufflets

Triple gusset paper bags

Triple gusset bags have a gusseted base in addition to the two side gussets, so that when folded out, the bag stands upright before and after filling. The cross-ply bonded base gives added strength.

Sac écorné

Fold-back corner bag

The fold-back corner of the bag forms a tab to pull on and open out the bag with ease. The bag gussets once unfolded keep it upright before and after filling.

Sac en papier rainé

Ribbed and scored paper bags

The paper’s surface may be market by parallel or criss-cross ribbing and scoring. This makes the finished bag easy to fold and close. Alternatively, in the production process, ribbing and scoring make their contribution to precision paper folding and cutting.

Sacs en papier perforés

Perforated paper bags

Perorated paper bags: perforations may be round, oval, oblong or European-style. Predesigned holes in the paper make for easy hanging for presentational purposes.

Sac 2 soufflets avec fenêtre

Double side-gusset bags with window panel

The see-through cellophane insert displays bag contents to maximum effect.

Sac industriel en papier sur mesure

Made-to-measure industrial paper bags

Tubular double-gusset bags are designed to take long, thin products, or alternatively, when piled into columns, flat circular products such as capsules or container tops, slipped into the specially designed tubular paper container.

Sac papier kraft personnalisé

Visual designs for special projects

Paper bags are ideal media on which to display your company’s logo or special message. Printing on bags has a three-fold value:

  • Telling consumers what’s in the bag
  • Highlighting your logo or brand name for all to see
  • Turning an everyday bag into a high-profile communication media

Printing TAPIERO

Tapiero on request customized your bag with high quality printing in up to 4 colours. The printed visible surface may be fully covered, or selected parts only covered with exciting and attractive visuals of your choice.
We use flexography, a process similar to standard printing, which lays on colours and designs in relief. We prefer this process for its competitive costing and for its environmental friendliness, which is an important consideration for the biodegradability of paper bags.

We use only water-based inks that are solvent free and have clearance for contact with food.

Exciting bright printed designs differentiate your packaging and attract attention to your bagged products!

Machine d'impression personnalisée des sacs en papier
Sacs en papier fruits et légumes passe partout

Rapid response to customers’ needs

  • Logistics :
    • TAPIERO has ample logistics facilities at its disposal, in which to manage the inventory needed to fulfil your purchase order. Forward planning ensures we always have the paper on hand to meet your needs. If customer facilities are short of storage space, they can assign TAPIERO the responsibility of managing their paper bag and packaging inventory for them, thereby ensuring products ordered are ready in quantity at all times.
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