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Maker of customised paper bags since 1904.
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Ultra resistant but ecological bags for the collection of green waste
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A wide range dedicated to the bakery industry
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Maker of customised paper bags since 1904.
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TAPIERO’s focus is on our customers’ business needs. We make bags both to meet your needs and express your corporate profile. Our understanding of your processes and culture governs our bag designs. From initial concept to manufacture, we have the skills to supply you with bags that not only contain your products, but present them in ways that expand your sales and bottom line. Our bags can be printed to express messages tailor-made to the success of your business. Click here for more about our extensive range.


Custom made bags

Our design department’s mission is to tailor-make products to meet your expectations and cost targets. We start with critical assessment of your need for paper bags, tubes and purpose-designed paper packaging. We then analyse critical characteristics before selecting the paper you need for bags to protect your products from their initial conditioning to storage and final delivery. For Tapiero, bag format and design are key not just to your products’ protection, but to their differentiation in the market. Our business is promoting yours.

Paper production

TAPIERO when sourcing the raw material for paper, has historically pioneered environmental awareness. When selecting the paper to customise the bags that meet your needs, we begin with specially-selected timber supplied from the thinning of sustainably managed forests and plantations in France. These are certified PEFC TM.


Paper bags are more than handy, light and environmentally-responsible forms of product protection. They are fundamentally important media that express your corporate values. Bags and packaging differentiate your products in the market. Advanced printing techniques confer on paper surfaces high-impact visuals combined with detailed and/or expressive text information, rich with the promotional messages. TAPIERO bags are a valuable media in their own right.

Making up

Once the paper’s surface has been enhanced with high quality text and/or visuals, it is cut, assembled and adhesively bonded where necessary to make up a packaging article fully customised to meet your needs. Perfection at each stage of bag manufacture is critical to the strength and usability of the bagging products we design to meet ever-more specific purposes.

Paper bag manufacture

The paper bulk-delivered in reels to TAPIERO goes through the critical stages of manufacture of a customized bag from cutting into sheets to printing, followed by folding, cutting and bag assembly. TAPIERO’s mastery of each stage ensures we deliver product to our customers that not only meets every performance specification, but cost and deadlines.

More about Tapiero

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Atelier de Tapiero, fabricants de sacs en papier personnalisés

TAPIERO, in the customization field, has a 40-year track record of success in meeting our customer’s special needs.

Our plant based in central France’s Limousin region is strategically located at the cross-over of logistics flows North-South and East-West. TAPIERO expanded 40 years ago into designing, making and selling customized as well as standard paper bags. Annually, our 40 staff handle some 7,000 tonnes of paper which is transformed to meet the needs of more than 1,000 end-customers who can choose from a product-list of 1,500 lines—not to mention the limitless further possibilities when customisation is desired.

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