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Construction industry

Sac de collecte de déchets et gravats

Waste and rubble collection

TAPIERO solutions to dispose of construction waste

TAPIERO has designed a range of ultra-high strength paper bags for the construction industry. Double or triple lined, these paper bags can safely take up to 40 kg of rubble. They are particularly valuable in the home improvement market and much liked by DIY enthusiasts.

Your building or renovation work likely generates waste of different kinds (copper or other metals as against stone, brick or plaster rubble). If some of this can be recycled, paper bags are ideal when sorting takes place on site—waste is disposed of “as you go”, adding up to considerable time-saving before final site clearance.

Bags for rubble, spoils and general site waste

The paper rubble bag is a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to the big bag. The smaller paper bag is an incentive to sorting manageable quantities on site. Bags take up to 80 kg each. Easy to fill and easy to shift, their disposal is simplified. Identified by type, bags are more efficiently transported to their final destinations.

Paper bags are one step along the learning curve of techniques for materials recycling. Paper bag use is an important incentive to more efficient planning of waste disposal. Good practice on site leads to longer term time-saving.

  • Paper keeps its strength for up to 15 days under intermittent rain
  • Reinforced bag base holds it upright before, during and after filling.
  • Bags delivered with or without printed visuals
  • Customised printed designs available in up to 3 colours
Sac en papier avec fond renforcé pour Déchets verts
Sacs en papier robuste pour les paysagistes

Waste collection bags

Tapiero construction site waste bags are strong and cost-effective.


  • WS 90 g kraft paper bag holds up to 40 kg
  • Double skin GC WS 70 gsm kraft paper holds up to 80 kg
  • 125 litre format stands 800 cm high
  • 190 litre format stands 1,050 cm high

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