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Agronomic research

Sac plat blanc pour recherche agronomique

These made-to-measure products meet the varied needs of botanical and agricultural researchers

Over the years Tapiero has developed an extensive range of paper bags suited to the varied needs of botanical and agricultural research. As further special needs come to light, so our product lines evolve to meet them.

Paper bags store immensely varied items, from seeds to individual plants, whose varieties can be carefully kept, labelled and segregated in paper bags. TAPIERO bags come perforated to allow for air circulation or can be designed as fully sealable. Made in all shapes and sizes, the full range of formats are available—flat paper bag, gusseted paper bag, fold-down corner paper bag, and more.

Paper grades in frequent use:

  • Aluminium / white craft paper composite 70 gsm
  • Aluminium / unbleached kraft paper composite 70 gsm
  • KVF overlaid and buffed brown kraft paper in weights from 50 gsm to 110 gsm
  • Unbleached kraft paper bag in weights from 70 gsm to 110 gsm
  • White bleached kraft paper in weights from 40 gsm to 90 gsm
  • Special paper bags

Paper grades best suited to your requirements

The agricultural and botanical research field has huge and varied use for paper bags, from seeds to powders and granules at the small end, to wood chips and whole plants at the larger end … Tapiero is a supplier of bags large and small specially designed for workers and researchers in the agricultural and botanical fields, whether commercial or scientific.

Tapiero also makes standard ranges of perforated bags, so that samples can be easier stored and retrieved when hanging out on rods or wires in controlled atmospheres whether dry or moist.  Special-purpose bags are made up of lined, unlined and multi-layered paper.

Bags can also be pre-printed with text and numbers to save time when marking up envelopes of plant or seed samples to identify their content.

Différents sacs en papier 3 soufflets avec fenêtre
Sac plat pour recherche agronomique

Custom-designed bags to meet special needs

Tapiero made-to-measure bags provide the right amount of protection at least cost, and are designed to suit your processes. Our off-the-shelf range of listed products is so extensive you are almost certain to find the design that meets your needs.

  • Made-to-measure bags available on request
  • Customised printing a standard option
  • Lined or unlined bags to suit special needs
  • Preliminary paper sheet cutting available
  • Perforated or grooved paper supplied on request
  • Food and agricultural research institutes
Laboratoire agroalimentaire


  • Sizes made-to-measure on request
  • Printing on request
  • Bags lined or unlined.
  • Tapiero bags, large or small, can be perforated and/or grooved to make for easy folding and closing.
  • Preliminary paper sheet cutting option available

Tapiero range of products for agronomic research

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