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Gardening and landscaping

Sacs en papier robuste pour les paysagistes

Strong paper bags for gardening and landscape management

Paper organic waste bags are the ideal solution for professional and amateur gardeners
Managers of gardens large and small, and of parks and other green spaces have to dispose of quantities of organic waste. To gather up and dispose of mown grass, plant materials and cuttings of all kinds—what could be better than strong, light and recyclable paper bags?

Tapiero has been making bags for the collection of garden and parkland waste since 1904 with the same dedication to meeting your needs then as now.

Our range of organic waste bags are as functional as they are economic in use. Kraft paper 3 gusset bags in their various sizes hold from 40 kg to 80 kg.

Collecting and sorting organic waste

Tapiero’s organic waste collection paper bags are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, and made in a paper of quality, lightness and strength that makes a powerful contribution to the environmentally-sensitive management of green spaces, large and small.

Optionally, bags can be customised with the printed logo of the ground or park maintenance company.

Tapiero organic waste paper bags are:

  • Easy to use: their reinforced base keeps them upright before and after filling
  • Effective means of communication, when text, logos and other messages are printed in up to 3 colours
  • Stay strong for up to 15 days under intermittent rain
  • Wholly biodegradable, they aid the biodegradability of the organic waste they contain
  • Reinforced base paper bag for organic waste
  • Reinforced base paper bag to collect organic waste
Sac en papier avec fond renforcé pour Déchets verts
Sac en papier avec fond renforcé pour collecte des déchets végétaux

Extensive range of bag sizes for organic waste

Tapiero has designed a comprehensive range of waste bags in biodegradable paper that are ideal for recycling their organic content.

  • Organic waste bag 80 litre capacity: 450 mm x 570 mm
  • Organic waste bag 100 litre capacity: 450 mm x 660 mm
  • Organic waste bag 125 litre capacity: 450 mm x 800 mm
  • Organic waste bag 190 litre capacity: 450 mm x 1050 mm

Our organic waste bags feature a 290 mm gusset. They are made from WS 90 gsm kraft paper, and are strong enough to take up to 40 kg weight when filled. Alternatively, we recommend double layer GC WS 70 gsm paper strong enough to take 80 kg of content when filled.



  • Stay strong for 15 days under intermittent rain
  • Not just for organic waste collection outside, but ideal for use inside in offices and industrial premises
  • Available printed over with standard or generic motifs, or customised in 3 colours
  • Reinforced base – stands upright before and after filling!

Tapiero range of paper bags for home and professional garden maintenance


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