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Environmental Charter

Environmental protection at the heart of our business strategy

Rigorously selective of our raw materials and particularly of the quality of our paper, the organisation of our product shipments and the structure of our company and processes, take environmental protection fully into consideration. Strategically located in the centre of France and proud of a history dating back to 1904, Tapiero has always upgraded its production technology to the highest standards of the time. At the present time, the way we manufacture natural paper bags makes us a standard-bearer of to-day’s need for environmental protection.

Tapiero’s core business is and always has been paper—unlike the companies which jumped on the plastic bag bandwagon.

The fact is that the bag presented as the environmentally protective alternative to plastic, is still not entirely biodegradable. But Tapiero paper is wholly biodegradable.
Contrast ours with the OK compost label for bioplastic compliant to EU standard EN 13432, which lays down 90% biodegradability within 6 months of disposal under industrial composting conditions.
On occasion, the use of paper bags has been banned, on the grounds that they are not environmentally responsible. But TAPIERO sources its ligneous materials compliant to PEFC TM, which is in turn compliant to French standard NF EN 13432 (November 2000). When this standard and PEFC TM processes are adhered to, the wood we source from coppicing and thinning (among other forestry techniques which accelerate timber growth and regrowth), actually preserves and even increases forestry acreage. Tapiero paper, in a nutshell, is made from wood pulp sourced from sustainably managed woodland.

In an age of new technologies, paper IS AND REMAINS THE SOLE wholly recyclable and biodegradable bagging material. Being made of natural wood pulp, paper bags help accelerate the biodegradability of the organic materials they contain.
TAPIERO’s policy when it comes to the selection of paper also takes environmental concerns into consideration by reducing distances of timber shipment from the forests to the pulp and paper-making mill. TAPIERO boasts a massive storage facility for paper reels and semi-finished products. Our customers are assured continuous supplies at all times. TAPIERO inventory management reduces the risk both of stock-out and of uneconomical inventory build-up by our customers on their own premises.
TAPIERO printing relies wholly on water-based inks that are respectful of the environment and approved for food contact.
And, quite naturally, TAPIERO has implemented procedures to promote the recycling and the beneficial reuse of waste products.

Last but not least, the considerable inventory we hold on behalf of our customers, combined with our central location in France, means that we optimise logistics and transportation costs. In turn, this keeps down the environmental footprint of the finished products we ship to final destination.

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