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Sacs boulangerie

Quality paper to make quality bags

TAPIERO’s sourcing of the paper to make your bags and packaging is highly rigorous.

With the exception of recycled paper, all TAPIERO paper is made from pure virgin fibre paper pulp. It is suitable for food contact.

Bleached white kraft

  • Paper made from pure wood pulp bleached and finished ready for precision surface printing of high-visibility messages in text and coloured images.
Baguette impression personnalisée
Sac en papier multi baguette

Velum unbleached kraft

  • This paper has a delightful silken finish to the touch. Available in weights from 36 gsm to 50 gsm, it is remarkably strong and readily customisable by high-quality printing.

VF WS kraft

  • VF stands for vergé frictionné, meaning overlaid and buffed paper which has Wet Strength. The overlay on strong, soft buffed kraft improves its wet strength and has no adverse effect on paper recyclability and bio-degradability. This paper is ideal for bagging fruit, vegetables and other bio-degradable waste.
Matière du sac écorné en kraft
Sac légumes en kraft

Alios® kraft

  • Alios® is made from 100% natural wood pulp. It is unbleached, bio-degradable and recyclable. It is tear-resistant to a remarkable degree for a paper so light. Alios® kraft is specially treated to give it wet strength and is available in weights from 36 gsm to 50 gsm.

VS kraft

  • Vergé frictionné or overlaid and buffed kraft paper exhibits a characteristic thin ribbing to give it added strength. Its softness makes it ideal for protecting delicate objects against the risk of scoring to which they are exposed by standard paper wrapping.
Papier Kraft vergé frictionné
Papier Kraft GC traité WS

GC smooth brown kraft

  • GC is the smooth brown paper in most general use. Strong and flexible, it is ideal for the paper bags used in food retailing (fruit and vegetable shopping, take-away food). Bio-degradable, it is designed for food contact and can be customised by over-printing your logo or other motifs in colours of your choice.

GC WS treated kraft

  • GC Wet Strength kraft is specially treated to withstand moisture, without adverse effect on its recyclability and bio-degradability. Its tear resistance and wet strength recommends it for bagging not only organic waste but flour and other moist food products.
Papier Kraft GC traité WS
Sac en papier plat crêpe ingraissable

Grease-proof Kraft paper

  • Kraft paper treated to make it impermeable by grease. It is ideal not only for paper bags to take pastries, cakes and delicatessen, but also, in the industrial or machinery maintenance field, for protection against contamination by grease.

Micro-crêpe kraft

  • Kraft micro-crêpe is remarkably strong and comes in weights up to 80 gsm. This paper is widely used to make bags filled with up to 40 kg of flour.
  • Semi-extensible micro-crêpe kraft features the added strength of its elastic properties and makes ultra-strong paper bags. It is the number one choice for bagging flour and for volume deliveries of freshly baked unwrapped bread.
Sac en papier de regroupement pour le pain
Sac plat blanc pour pharmacie

White calendared paper

  • Calendaring is the mechanical process that subjects paper to momentary high pressure as it passes between rollers, sometimes raised to high temperatures. Calendaring gives a smooth, shiny surface and reduces paper porosity.

White coated paper

  • Coated white paper has a finish of great smoothness, rendering colour printing to brilliant effect. Coated paper may be one layer in multi-layered paper products, and typically used as the inner lining of the bleached white kraft outer layer of flour bags. These are folded flat when unfilled. Being gusseted, they expand to full size on filling.
Sac en papier 3 soufflets pour farine
Sac en papier kraft sulfurisé

Baking paper or parchment

  • White baking paper, being impermeable to grease and water, is ideal for bags for the food industry, and for use in the agronomic research field.

Aluminium foil / brown or white kraft paper ply

  • When aluminium foil is bonded to kraft paper, the result is a leak-tight material ideal for food packaging.
Sac en aluminium pour recherche agronomique

Cuprotec corrosion-inhibiting paper

  • VCIs, aka Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors, are added to the paper that is used to protect electronic parts from rust or oxidizing.


  • Polypropylene is not paper but an important component of paper bags designed with see-through windows. Polypropylene is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer whose transparency when used in wrapping enhances the value of packaged products by making them visible to consumers.
sac à pain avec fenêtre
Sac en papier biodégradable pour baguette avec fenêtre


  • Cellophane, like polypropylene, is not paper but used to make bags with see-through windows. It is the most ecological alternative to polypropylene, being a transparent material made from cellulose hydrate, essentially from bio-renewable materials. Cellophane is recyclable as compost under the OK standard, and is naturally biodegradable. Its transparency as a wrapping enhances the value of packaged products by making them visible to consumers.

TAPIERO has many other staple materials ready for use as adjuncts to paper packaging. All enquiries welcome

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