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Flour milling

Sac en papier pour farine 500g à 10Kg

Finest paper bags for flour mills

A flour mill necessarily needs bags for the flour it produces, and if it is associated with a bakery, it will need bags for delivery of freshly-baked unwrapped bread loaves, long or short. Operators in this industry need an industrial partner able to supply them with bags to meet varied specifications exactly—at keenest cost.

Tapiero supplies bags in a whole range of sizes and qualities, whose off-the-shelf availability ensures we can meet your needs at the right price.

Tapiero’s paper bags come in sizes suited to both the needs of bulk deliveries of packaged flour from mills to bakeries, and deliveries of flour in smaller packs to the retail environment. Bags are customised by on-line printing in up to 4 colours. Try Tapiero! Our aim is to become your preferred provider of packaging for the transportation of flour and baked bread.

Small and large flour bags

For bringing flour to market in bulk or in retail packaging, Tapiero has designed bags of capacity ranging from 500 grammes to 40 kilogrammes and in height from 245 mm to 760 mm. Customisation of packaging is available even for smaller production runs.

  • from 500 grammes to 40 kilogrammes
  • On-line printing in up to 4 colours
  • Double thickness available (white kraft, GC kraft, coated paper, etc.)
  • Customisation available on demand
Sac en papier 3 soufflets 500g pour farine
Sac en papier de regroupement pour le pain

Batch delivery bags

Paper bags are ideal for the delivery of fresh-baked bread loaves in large batches

2 or 3 gusset kraft paper bags are strong and easy to handle. Capacity up to 30 baguette long loaves or 16 short loaves.

  • 7 baguette long loaves or 4 short loaves: 250 mm x 600 / 740 mm
  • 10 baguette long loaves or 5 short loaves: 300 mm x 600 / 800 / 860 mm
  • 15 to 20 baguette long loaves or 8 to 10 short loaves: 390 mm x 800 mm
  • 30 baguette long loaves or 16 short loaves: 450 mm x 800 mm

Baguette bags

If as a miller you want the loaves made from your flour delivered under your flour’s name by the bakers you supply, nothing is simply than to have your name and promotional information printed on bread-loaf delivery bags. Tapiero has a range of paper bags specially designed (and further customisable) for the bakers who use your flour to bake with.

  • Bags with 2 side gussets to ease product introduction
  • Adjustable design with or without see-through window
  • On-line printing in up to 4 colours
  • Customisation available from upward of 10,000 units on order
Sac kraft blanchi pour baguette
Grand sac farine pour la minoterie


  • Capacity from 500 grammes to 40 kilogrammes.
  • Double layer paper bags (coated, white kraft blanc, GC kraft, …).
  • On-line printing in up to 4 colours.
  • Customisation available even on small production runs. Contact us!
Baguettes de pain dans un sac en papier


  • Paper bags are ideal for bulk deliveries of freshly-baked unwrapped bread loaves
  • Printing in up to 3 colours
  • Extensive range of standard or generic bags available “off-the-shelf”

Tapiero range of bread and flour bags

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