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Sac en papier fruits personnalisable

Paper bags to suit every kind of retail outlet and every type of article sold

Whether your business is fast foods, fresh produce, groceries …. you will likely be selling goods to your customers in paper bags. Tapiero is the specialist bag maker with a hundred and more years of history behind us, ready to serve you in the future.

Our standard and customised bags meet your goods packaging requirement by developing the shapes and materials that are the closest match to end-user needs

Fruit and vegetable bags

Practical, economic and ecological, our kraft paper fruit and vegetable bags are ideal for the goods you retail.

Paper bags are light yet strong enough to carry fruit and vegetables in quantity, and can be printed to display messages publicising your business.

  • Comprehensive range of paper bags decorated with generic or standard overprinting motifs, can also be customised to your exact needs
  • Sizes and capacity from 500 to 4 kilos
  • On-line printing in up to 4 colours on demand
Sac légumes en kraft personnalisable
Sac sandwich

Sandwich bag

What’s better than the paper sandwich bag to serve fast foods and sandwiches. Easy to open with gusset, it’s also, just like greengrocer’s fruit and vegetable bag, the ideal medium to communicate on. On-line printing in up to 4 colours gives you the option of displaying your name, address, logo and whatever else promotes your business!

Tapiero bags come with the option of see-through windows to show off bag contents to appreciative consumers.

Bag sizes range from 300 mm to 350 mm high to 100 mm breadth, giving you the option to extend the eatables you sell in them from fresh produce to snacks and take-aways.

Take-away bag

The take-away bag is an absolute must in the food retailing industry. Ideal to pack sandwiches, fries, burgers or whatever else, it doubles up as the doggy bag available to customers in eateries to take away what they want to eat later. Take away bags are designed to be as light as they are strong, and to keep the hot products they are filled with warm, as long as it takes to get them home to eat.


  • Sizes: 220 mm x 360 mm (gusset 140 mm)
  • 3 colour printing
  • Handy and strong
Fruits et légumes


  • The one-and-only original, traditional paper bag! ever popular for bagging and handing over fresh produce to customers in open markets.
  • A size for every type and quantity of fruit, capacity from 500 grammes to 4 kilos.
  • On line printing up to 4 colours.
  • Extensive range available with or without over-printing, whether customized or generic


  • With or without see-through window.
  • Sandwich and other bagged ingredients are attractively on view for the customer.
  • On-line printing up to 4 colours
  • Take-away food bags in the retail environment
Sacs en papier vente à emporter dans le commerce de détail


  • The ideal solution in fast food outlets.
  • 3 colour printing.
  • Our light, strong bags come in a variety of sizes. They can be filled with several orders at once if need be. Top closing take-away bags keep food hot longer.
  • Paper bag for over the counter sales of French fries
Sac en papier pour les frites dans le commerce de détail


  • Grease-proof kraft paper
  • Open both sides.
  • Practical, eat while you amble, on the street or at the beach

Tapiero products for the retail environment

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