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Sac en papier avec impression pour pharmacie

Attractive customised or standard designs for printed bags in pharmacies

Pharmacies are no exception to other retail outlets, and are big consumers of the paper bags to sell health products over the counter. Special quality paper is needed when medicines and wellness products are bagged up. Customers seek the reassurance that the service provided is of the highest quality.

Over-the-counter sales are also a wonderful way to publicise your business, logo, address, pharmacy opening hours, website and much more. For healthcare service providers such as pharmacies, the attractiveness and suitability of bag designs and printed motifs underscore the value of the care dispensed to a sensitive clientele.

Communication, messaging and advertising

However, pharmacies also deliver their services in a highly competitive retail environment. Their competitors are not only direct but superstores selling the same goods, especially non-prescription, often at the keenest prices. In this context, the paper bag containing over-the-counter health, wellness and personal care products is immensely valuable as a means to convey practical information and other messages of your caring pharmacy.

Paper bags containing medicines and personal care products are an ideal way of conveying important information such as pharmacy contact details, logo and much more.
Tapiero’s 4-colour printing places attractive visual and text designs on bags containing health and wellness products for over-the-counter sales. Bags come in different sizes, can be selected from a range of generic or standard formats, or include features such as 3 gussets for ease of opening.

Sacs en papier pharmacie
Sac plat blanc pour pharmacie

Extensive range of paper bag quality and size for retail sales in the healthcare industry

Tapiero has especially designed different sizes and formats for bags used in the retail pharmaceutical environment. Good bags do more than help boost sales! Handing over the right products, at the right time, in convenient, attractive and informative bags, is a sure way of getting the message across, that health and wellness are your pharmacy’s prime concern.

  • White kraft paper bag 40 gsm or 50 gsm
    • 120 mm x 210 mm
    • 120 mm x 250 mm
    • 200 mm x 300 mm
    • 200 mm x 350 mm
  • Brown kraft paper bag 40 gsm
    • 130 mm x 210 mm


  • Paper bags and similar products in inventory ready for delivery at all times
  • Bags deliverable within 48 hours
  • Reduced delivery charges
  • Order backlog booklets available to keep track of orders and deliveries.

Tapiero range of bags for retail pharmacists

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