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Supplier of custom-designed paper bags, founded in 1904.

Strategically located in the heart of France in the Haute-Vienne Department (87) and founded in 1904, TAPIERO has long built a reputation for making outstanding quality paper bags with a special focus on bags designed to meet different industrial and retail specifications.

Identifying and processing natural materials, sourcing them, relying on tried-and-trusted know-how but still boldly innovating! TAPIERO’s industrial heritage gave us the courage to resist the massive market introduction of plastic bags. TAPEIRO is and remains an exclusive manufacturer of bags made from paper. The constancy of our reliance on natural wood-pulp has been vindicated. The environmental benefits are now acknowledged. Witness the rise in the number of bags we custom-design from natural materials to meet special and often environmentally-protective needs.
TAPIERO – from the experience of the past to the services of the future.
TAPIERO consultants are experts in the assessment of your needs. Will these be met by standard products? Or by customised designs? Fitness for purpose is fully assessed before decisions are taken on printing. Printing enhances the visual attractiveness of your bags and the message they convey. Paper bags are a vital household convenience. We give them the care and attention they deserve. Once we know the quality you require, we always seek to improve it—at best price.

Our custom-designed bags also meet the needs of the retail industry more generally—from bakers to flour millers, food distribution and the collection and disposal of organic waste. Our specialists work on expanding product ranges to meet new needs, particularly in the manufacturing industry and construction sectors.
A further benefit we offer our customers is our extensive warehousing space, which is available to store both your finished product and our raw materials. We have the capacity to hold or release inventory on your behalf, while keeping on hand sufficient raw material to respond to unexpected surges in market demand, on a near just-in-time basis.
In a word, with our capacity to manage your finished goods inventory as well as our raw materials, TAPIERO guarantees you avoidance of being stock-out at times of unpredictable demand for bags, and at times of the temporary unavailability of the raw material to make them.
TAPIERO’s 40 strong workforce transforms more than 6,000 tons of paper annually. We deliver bags and related products to some 1,200 customers across France and Europe.



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Year in, year out, we deliver Tapiero paper products to 1,200 customers.

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